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KEA Evolution Corkscrew with Knife (BOJ Design) Pack of 10

$150.95 $49.95 -67%
SKU: 17010

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    • Current Deal: Discounted clearance. Pack of 10 corkscrews.
    • Shipping: Free Standard Shipping (3-5 business days delivery).
    • Availability: Limited Supply.

    The KEA corkscrew concentrates all the actions required to open a bottle into a small and beautiful fixture. Created with a profile of perfect ergonomics and sophisticated aesthetics, it is designed evoking the KEA bird, a New Zealand parrot that has been able to survive thanks to its own strength.

    • Beautiful and functional design.
    • Includes a retractable foil knife.
    • Easy to open wine bottles with efficiency.
    • Designed by winning award Dhemen Co.
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