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BOJ Champagne, Prosecco & Sparkling Wine Bottle Opener Plated (Pocket Edition) (5 units)

SKU: 08811

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  • EFFECTIVENESS: This BOJ opener removes corks not only from bottles of champagne, but also for prosecco and in general any bottle of sparkling. One savvy customer told us: why not to open wax dipped beer bottles?
  • TOUGH AND ERGONOMIC WITH A SOLID DESIGN: made of metal with ergonomic rubber handle for a non-slip grip. It works well for both right- and left-handed people. It comes with a beautiful nickel finish.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK! This system has been used for years in thousands of bottles of champagne
  • VERY EASY TO USE: Only three simple stages are needed. First, easlily remove the fine wire by using the tip. Second, position the opener and hold firmly. Third, remove the cork, voila! A must have tool for bartenders. Corks never get stuck.
  • WINE TOOLS SINCE 1905: Founded in 1905 in the north of Spain, BOJ continues for decades manufacturing unique wine tools in the same workshop.
  • One box containing 5 corkscrews.

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