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BOJ Professional Wall-mounted Corkscrew Model 110 (White)

SKU: 10411

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  • Promotion: New worm KRN, greater performance with all types of corks.
  • Shipping: Free US Continental Standard Shipping (3-5 days business days delivery).
  • Availability: Limited Supply.
  • 360º Product View: Click on the icon "3D View" below the main image and rotate it with the trackball, mouse or finger (smartphone).
  • Dimensions: 22 (L) x 3.5 (W) x 4.5 (H) in.
  • Weight: 7.3 lb.
  • THE NEW MODEL, "MODERN STYLE": At BOJ, on the 110th anniversary of the founding of our company, we decided to create a new line of wall corkscrews with a modern style that would perfectly complement our traditional models. To honor this date, we have called this new concept "Corkscrew 110". It maintains the same functionality that the traditional corkscrew has had for decades, but it has been given stylistic enhancements for better integration into the modern environments in which it is intended to be used.
  • OPERATION: Traditional practicality meets modern style, with the BOJ wall-mounted corkscrew it’s very easy to open wine bottles efficiently. The leverage arm of this wine bottle opener measures 12 inches to maximize extracting power, with an overall height of 22 inches. Place the wine bottle in the new holder: it is not necessary to hold the bottle. The wall–mounted corkscrew is very sturdy and the mechanism works very smoothly.
  • USAGE: This beautiful wall-mounted corkscrew is perfect for enjoying any bottle of wine at anytime. It also doubles as a beautiful piece of industrial-looking wall art; this innovative BOJ piece will add a sophisticated touch anywhere in your home. It’s primarily designed for professional purposes in places with a high volume of bottle of wine openings like restaurants, wineries, bars, wine tasting rooms or caterings. However, our customers, especially wine lovers, also purchase this beautiful bottle opener to give a professional touch to their home wine bars or to enhance beautiful kitchens. It makes a unique personal or company gift.

  • MATERIALS: For this model of corkscrew, both the handle and body are mostly made of zamak, a resistant material with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements. The worm is a strong milled spiral made of steel. The wooden backing, if the model includes it, is made of oak.

  • WORLDWIDE PATENT: This wall-mounted corkscrew was originally designed 75 years ago by Santiago Olaneta, son of the company’s founder, and his design team. It has been improved with the feedback of thousands upon thousands of hours of operation from customers.


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